Indicators and Ph Measurements

Topics: PH, Color, PH indicator Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Indicators and pH Measurements

Author Name: Klein
Partner’s Names: Peiman
Instructor: Dharinee Doobur-Choytun
Vancouver Community College
Chemistry 0983 Section 433
Date: November 15, 2012
Due Date: November 22, 2012

Experimental Purpose
Using our basic learning’s about Indicators and pH measurements, we will use our Universal Indicator and our pH Meter. By using these materials, we will experiment on how it will set the standard of pH colors and to compare them from the unknown solutions. Thus, we will also learn on how to measure the pH values of the unknown solutions. Apparatus and Materials

The Apparatus and Materials are found on page 59 of the Laboratory Manual Chemistry 0983 and 0993 (E. Chan-Henry – J. Johnstone – G. Pawelchak). Experimental Procedure
The Experimental Procedure is found on pages 59 – 60 of the Laboratory Manual Chemistry 0983 and 0993 (E. Chan-Henry – J. Johnstone – G. Pawelchak).

Buffer solutionsTest Solutions
Table I
2Orange0.1 M HClClearOrange1.27
4Pink0.1 M NaOHClearPurple12.53
6Yellow7 upClearPink3.23
8GreenLemon juiceYellowPink2.33
12BlueApple juiceYellowOrange3.38
Soap solutionWhiteRed6.48
Detergent solutionWhiteGreen12.66


pHColourColourComparing colour with bufferpH meter


The methods that were used to measure the pH in this experiment are the universal indicator and the pH meter. Firstly, the universal indicator was used by adding one drop to the given pH into the test tube. This will help us identify what color it will transform from a given buffered pH solution. After using the universal indicator and identifying its new color, we used the pH meter. The pH meter was used to measure the pH of a given object. By putting our objects one-by-one into the electrode, we...
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