Indias World Cup Teenage Review

Topics: India national cricket team, Sri Lanka, Cricket Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Finally, after a hiatus of 28 freaking years, it’s ours… yes, the World Cup is ours… not only because we played like the champions, but also... coz we are the champions!

Sachin getting a ride through the stadium
by fellow teammates. It was his last World Cup match!|
But, how do you think they got the knack to achieve the coveted trophy? It could simply be answered… if you saw the match! The great spine-thrilling battle between India & Sri Lanka was nothing less than an epic. The batsmen shed their power through boundaries & over-the-line sixes; the bowlers used all their spinning & pacing pitches to knock off the stumps. Didn’t they? They all played magnificently! The Indian team deserves an acclamation, for they toiled so hard. This win was not at all easy, as some say… it did require the passion, enthusiasm & the instinct to play it out.

Especially the batsmen who used their minds by not getting over-enthused like Gautam Gambhir, & the bowlers were all outstanding except a new poorly-selected, aggressive inclusion. They all played for the God of Cricket, Sachin & helped him attach the last feather to prevent his crown from over-flowing. He is the man of the hour; the India team skipper, M S Dhoni is the proudest man in the world; the Indian people all over the world are the happiest ones; the Sri Lankans – the most disappointed ones, though!

Of course the Indian cheering has to be appreciated. Every society out there, every residential complex, every single café, every single professional park out there joined in the revelry to celebrate the much anticipated win. Unlike the 70, 000 liters of alcohol Mumbaikars consumed during the India-Pakistan match, this day, the beverage companies have estimated a record of 2 lakh liters of alcohol consumption. The Indian zeal over the sport is unquestionable. So much of happiness & peace they acquire. So many people praying for Sachin’s hundredth ODI ton, singer Lata Mangehskar...
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