Topics: Artificial limb, Prosthesis, Sherman Alexie Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Rough Draft

Thesis: Lucille O’Neal, Sherman Alexie, and Andy Greenberg taugh us to stand up for yourself, focus on your goals, and help others.

Lucille O’Neal wrote “ Little Warrior”. The story is about the way Shaquille O’Neal got his name. A young single mother, strict grandparents house, and it was a racist time. A racist time was happening and Martin Luther King was killed. Giving her child a Muslim name with great meaning. Raising a child by yourself is hard to do and she gave her son the best foundations while growing up. The responsibilities and together in order to survive.

Andy Greenberg wrote “ A Step Beyond Human” .The story is about Hugh Herr both Herr’s legs were amputated six inches below the knee after a rock climbing trip ended in severe frostbite. His goal to build artificial limbs that are superior to natural ones. He lost both his legs as an adult and a man died saving his life. This Motivated him to help others by creating better prosthetic limbs. Nearly thousand soldiers who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Paralympics athletes will regularly outperform Olympic athletes. May need special disability laws for humans who decline to have their bodies mechanically enhanced, Herr says.

The theme of the short story “ Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie is despair, poverty, and alcoholism amongst the lives of the Native American people. In the beginning of his school, he was weak and always bullied and beaten by higher grade students, and punished by his teacher because of his race. As he was growing up, Victor was demanded by his teacher preparing to be a doctor in the future. However, he knew that all Indians had their own dream. Later, he talked more about his life, about how he learn to obey teacher's order, his kiss to a white girl, his poor life, death of another Indian and the lost of football his game. At last, he finished his school year with a good ending, but his most of his former classmates learned...
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