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Topics: Renting, Rental agreement Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: May 31, 2013
IC 32-31-8 Chapter 8. Landlord Obligations Under a Rental Agreement IC 32-31-8-1 Application Sec. 1. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), this chapter applies only to dwelling units that are let for rent under a rental agreement entered into after June 30, 2002. (b) This chapter does not apply to dwelling units that are let for rent with an option to purchase under an agreement entered into before July 1, 2008. As added by P.L.92-2002, SEC.2. Amended by P.L.62-2008, SEC.4. IC 32-31-8-2 Applicability of definitions Sec. 2. The definitions in IC 32-31-3 apply throughout this chapter. As added by P.L.92-2002, SEC.2. IC 32-31-8-3 "Rental premises" defined Sec. 3. As used in this chapter, "rental premises" includes all of the following: (1) A tenant's rental unit. (2) The structure in which the tenant's rental unit is a part. As added by P.L.92-2002, SEC.2. IC 32-31-8-4 Effect of waiver of statute Sec. 4. A waiver of the application of this chapter by a landlord or tenant, by contract or otherwise, is void. As added by P.L.92-2002, SEC.2. IC 32-31-8-5 Landlord obligations Sec. 5. A landlord shall do the following: (1) Deliver the rental premises to a tenant in compliance with the rental agreement, and in a safe, clean, and habitable condition. (2) Comply with all health and housing codes applicable to the rental premises. (3) Make all reasonable efforts to keep common areas of a rental premises in a clean and proper condition. (4) Provide and maintain the following items in a rental premises in good and safe working condition, if provided on the premises at the time the rental agreement is entered into: (A) Electrical systems. (B) Plumbing systems sufficient to accommodate a reasonable supply of hot and cold running water at all times. (C) Sanitary systems.

(D) Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. A heating system must be sufficient to adequately supply heat at all times. (E) Elevators, if provided. (F) Appliances supplied as an inducement to...
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