Indiana Jones the Movie, Analysis of Hinduism

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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rough copy : indiana jones temple of doom movie review in relation to hinduism. what it got right, wrong and why Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones, is known as a famous character protagonist of his own movie, television, and comic book franchise: known for his love of adventure and signature crack of his whip makes for a good time at the cinema, and does well at the box office. In his first ever on screen full feature movie adventure “Indiana Jones: The temple of doom” directed by Steven Spielberg, and produced by George Lucas “Indie” travels to the great vastness known as Asia, specifically the nation of India, or what’s depicted as India anyways. Within the first 10 minutes the vague credibility of the film goes downhill and go for the worst. In most cases to the untrained eye, the story line still looks accurate, but with any, even basic prior knowledge the errors are easily apparent.While many parts of the movie are relatively close to real Hindu life in India, like: the presence of a Thugee Cult, the government in India at which the time in the movie takes place (set in 1935), and the religious and political structure of India. Besides these components most other depictions involving India or Hinduism, provide false facts. In my opinion three of the most significant wrong-doings in the film are: the falsified history of Kali, the inappropriate religious/divine being shrines and temples, and most of all the location of the film that creates the religious basis for the entire movie. The question to be asked in this instance is did the producer, George Lucas make these religious aspect errors by lack of research and investment, or intentionally? The stereotyping of Hinduism in this movie is inaccurate and offensive to Hindu culture.

This movie, though action packed and entertaining, has many easily visible faults. The first, which you notice within the first scenes is the false location of the movie. Even though the location is not directly in violation of...
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