Indian Youngsters

Topics: Life, Time, Present Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Do our youngsters lack Direction?
The present generation of youngsters are in a race, were competition is high and the needs and wants of every individual keep increasing day by day. Indian system of education only affords to teach a youngster to acquire bookish knowledge which gradually allows him or her to have a bounded thoughts and actions as taught by the teacher inside a controlled environment. This is the only difference where the orthodox nuclear family of the Indian culture differs from western countries where teen’s support them with a job and start working towards their career with scholarships. A system of education should enable the student to think of his own, make him feel confident and atlast should prepare him for the world of tomorrow and not towards clearing his course programs in a given point of time but also should equip him or her to walk towards ones purpose of life. Around 55% of the Indian families are dysfunctional and the environment in which a child grows also matters a lot when it comes to his behavioral attributes. Every time parents end up preparing their child towards what their parents didn’t allow them to be, at some point this chain should be broken so it need not be followed, so everyone could be whatever they want to become in future. And that is when we could conclude that freedom of thought and action is practiced efficiently by allowing one to decide his destiny. General thought of every parent is “Vitamin M also plays a vital role when it comes to career and future”. So they keep pushing their children towards a respective sector which is in a booming state at present, most of the time they start persuading their children. The great people who have attained the apex of knowledge and expertise in a particular discipline are the ones who have followed their heart with passion and courage. Indian youngsters don’t lack direction but they are diverted from it by themselves or by someone else. They will not make it towards...
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