Indian Writing Instrument Industry Moving Towards Global Exposure

Topics: Stationery, Pencil, Supply and demand Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: September 14, 2008
Indian writing Instrument industry moving towards Global Exposure

The Indian writing instruments market today is still on the path of discovering new niches with ergonomic designed products, promotional marketing items and luxury items but in the coming years it is bound to grow tremendously not only domestically but also in it's exports immerging as world leaders in Writing Instruments.

The stationery sector is a cluster of many sectors out of which the most prominent and important probably is the writing instruments Industry. The two most important tools of it are pen and paper. Other materials like pencil, rulers, writing pads, erasers etc also play an active role which are relevant items useful for commercial and office use. Even with the advancement age and rule of technology the writing instrument industry still holds a large share of the market. Over a period this industry has seen growth in the domestic market and is now is all set to become an export oriented market. For long period China has said to be ruling the export market in Writing Instruments and as per the source China alone exports around Rs.5000 - 6000 crore worth goods. India had not entered much in the export field uptil now because it's domestic demand was very high, at present India's current export share is barely Rs. 200 crore but now the industry is planning to expand further in it's supply and infrastructure thus enabling them entry into the foreign markets. Foreign buyers of writing instrument also have been looking for an option. Uptil now they were buying their goods from china. Chinese pens are good looking and cheap but they lack long shell life and can't provide a good writing experience. India will serve to be the best possible option for them as it is the only country whose manufacturing cost is almost same as China. If the Indian industries assure product life this is where the Indian manufacturers and exporters will have an edge over china. But the major hindrance of...
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