Indian Television Industry

Topics: Television stations in Mumbai, Television stations in India, STAR TV Pages: 27 (6149 words) Published: July 21, 2011

The Indian television industry
Television in India has been around for just over four decades. For the first 17 years, transmission was restricted to black and white, and sale figures for television sets were minimal. The liberalization of the Indian economy, however, brought with it many changes, including the entry of a number of global players, both in manufacturing and broadcasting. In a span of just over ten years, the broadcasting industry grew from a single public service provider to a thriving sector with over 300 channels beamed across India. Sales of televisions, though characterised by a low penetration rate, also continued to grow steadily.

By 2005, India's potential as one of the world's largest viewer ships was attracting the attention of international media giants. Paradoxically, infrastructure and the prevailing regulatory environment brought into question the abeyant growth of the industry. This was especially so for rural India, typically characterized by low levels of disposable income. Looking at the industry from broadcasting perspectives, this report explores the dynamics, challenges and prospects of Indian television. Emphasis has been laid upon the two biggest contenders in the industry – STAR network and ZEE network. Their marketing strategy has been critically evaluated using technical tools like PEST & SWOT analysis, Segmentation strategy, Ansoff’s Matrix, Distribution channel and several others. Though these marketing tools were designed keeping in mind a certain marketing background, we have tried to utilize them in such a manner that their usage becomes consistent with the logical way of thought rather than an obligation. By that we mean that the development of the marketing model should appear on its own and tried that it does not become an endeavour. |Arabic: |Japanese: | |تَسْويق، تَصْريف البَضائِع |マーケッティング | | | | |Chinese (Simplified): |Korean: | |销售[学] |마케팅(상품의 제조에서 판매까지의 전과정) | | | | |Chinese (Traditional): |Latvian: | |銷售學 |marketings; tirdzniecība; noiets | | | | |Czech: |Lithuanian: | |podpora prodeje, marketing(ový) |Rinkodara | | | | |Danish: |Norwegian: | |markedsføring; markedsførings-; marketing; marketing- |markedsføring; salgs- | | | | |Dutch: |Polish: | |marketing |marketing,...
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