Indian Telecom Sector Employability Skills

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Employability Skills for Indian Mobile Phones Telecom Sector

First Author: Rishi Kapal, BE, LLB, PGPM (Vice President-Sony Mobile Communications, India)

It may not known to many that after Alexander Graham bell invented the first telephone, Motorola’s Martin Cooper is understood to have created the first mobile phone, followed by IBM-Bellsouth making the first Smartphone. However, in the present day, not much is heard about the companies that pioneered the mobile and Smartphones revolution. Indian telecom sector story is only getting better by the day, however, the growth sustenance and leveraging technology for better use in only possible if our population could be transformed to a real productive employment asset. In this paper, the important aspect of employability in Indian telecom Sector will be highlighted


Indian telecom industry underwent a high pace of market liberalization and growth since 1990s and now has become the world's most competitive and one of the fastest growing telecom markets. The Industry has grown over twenty times in just ten years, from under 37 million subscribers in the year 2001 to over 846 million subscribers in the year 2011.India has the world's second-largest mobile phone user base with over 929.37 million users as of May 2012. It has the world's third-largest Internet user-base with over 137 million as of June 2012.



The explosion of mobile phones sector is attributed to the following three factors:

1. Opening up of new technology
2. Convergence of computing and telephony
3. Mobile Phones Enablement


Till 2010, India was a pure-play GSM and CDMA technology driven country whereas rest of the world had moved to 3G(HSPA+) and few advanced nations(like Japan) already launching LTE(Long Term Evolution) high speed wireless technologies. Post the 3G and BWA auctions in India, the wireless technology landscape started changing and alongside it brought the need for differently (enhanced) skilled professionals to handle new technology and associated devices.

A brief snapshot of the wireless technologies deployed in India is below:


India today is on the forefront of telecom services and related content. This changes the way the telecom products are conceptualized, priced, launched and their life cycle is managed. Not much of this is known to the budding leaders during their academic orientations.


In today’s world, computers are used to make voice calls (Gtalk, Skype) and phones are used for data access. So each device has evolved from its original function and become multi tasked. This convergence of devices ecosystem is happening due to the following:

For most time in computing technology, microprocessors were traditionally associated with computers and other IT related products. However, since the last two years, phones are also sold based on the GHZ speed of processor that makes them run, various related aspects like single core, dual core and quad core processors. Now, this has brought about a major shift in consumer behavior whereby a buyer actually decides about a phone not just by looks and geeks but begins with the processor strengths and data speeds supported. This all comes with perceived compromise on battery life however the mobile phones processor manufacturers are fast gaining ground in terms of optimizing battery life for higher processor power.


A natural question about why is the mobile phone industry growing at a strong pace is obvious. Firstly, India is now moving to be a strong mobile replacement market. The mobile sales ratio is skewed to replacement buyers as compared to first term buyers as per industry sources. Hence there is a...
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