Indian Telecom Industry

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  • Published : September 3, 2010
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Sector Analysis – “Indian Telecom Industry”

A Project Report Submitted to

Dr. Chandan Dasgupta

Narsi Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai

On 25th Sept 2010


partial fulfillment of the academic requirements for the
PGDBA Program


Mr. Arun Vedajna PGDBA TCS E Serve Roll No. 46


India Telecom Industry is in its growth stage and with the entries of many domestic and international players, the competition has intensified manifolds. The price wars have resulted in one of the cheapest tariffs in the world for the Indian consumer. This led me to prepare a project report on The Indian Telecom Industry.

Mumbai Arun Vedajna


Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Executive Summary(iv)

List of Tables, Graphs & Figures(vi)


1. Overview of The Telecom Industry

Industry Definition - Communication between parties at a distance from one another. Modern telecommunication systems—capable of transmitting telephone, fax, data, radio, or television signals—can transmit large volumes of...
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