Indian Security and Surveillance Market

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  • Published : October 14, 2008
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The 'Indian Security and Surveillance Market' report covers an overview of the Global Security and Surveillance Industry with North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as the major focus area. The report will focus on the dynamics of the Indian security and surveillance industry, the market size and growth, the segments of the industry and, the challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing, thus addressing the client needs. Most Popular

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Brutal terrorist attacks in the recent past have put an unprecedented emphasis over the importance of security & surveillance systems. Leaving aside international terrorism, threat from sabotage or theft by employees is also adding to the need and increased requirement for better security and surveillance in the corporate arena. This has given rise to the demand for production as well as bulk procurement of electronic security products such as intrusion alarms, access control devices, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillances, IP-solutions, fire alarms, evacuation systems etc in the global market. In India the security and surveillance equipments are in high demand in the key sectors like assembly lines in factories; government buildings such as manufacturing units; monitoring of traffic; commercial units such as retail outlets, banks and casinos; transport systems such as railways, airports and ports; and educational institutions. Research Methodology Used:

* Information Sources
The information has been gathered from authentic and reliable sources like Government Agencies, Trade associations, Trade journals, Industry portals Newspapers, White papers and Books. The data is also sourced from paid databases. * Analysis Method

The methods of Historical Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis, and Cause...
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