Indian Saree Review

Topics: Textile, Skirt, Silk Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: January 27, 2013
‘Hand-made Indian Sari Skirt’
– Critical Review

This Indian Sari skirt was hand-made by a brand known as: ‘Vanisha’s Design Boutique’, located in Manchester. This skirt was personally designed by Vanisha Mistry, who currently designs for her own boutique, as well as for ‘ASOS’ clothing. The skirt’s cultural context has clearly influenced the design because it is based on an Indian Sari. I chose this piece because it relates to my project very well. In future textiles lessons, I would like to design an Indian cultural piece that is similar to this and by reviewing the piece, I am sure that I can learn a lot from it. The vibrant colours attracted me to this piece, as well as the huge attention to detail. This piece reminds me of a sari that my mum owns, as the pattern is quite similar. I feel that I have a personal connection with this piece because I have worn my mum’s sari skirt, which is very similar in texture. When I put it on, I could feel the silk resting on my lower body and I felt quite free in it because the silk was very light and almost let in a breeze. I quite liked this feel because it made me want to get up and dance around the room! Therefore, I would definitely wear this skirt at a party or a dance. I don’t think that older women would wear the exact same design, but would perhaps wear longer skirts of the same style.

Sari skirt origins are obscure, partly because there are so few historical records in India that information can be drawn from. Yet, we know that Indians were wearing woven and unsown lengths of cloth, draped around their bodies, long before tailored clothes arrived. This explains that the sari skirt is a further development of early sari-like clothing. This shows us how Indian textiles have developed and we can see that the pattern on the skirt however, was in fact influenced by the early draped cloths worn by Indians, dating back to around 100BC!

The material that has been used to make this skirt is mainly made from a...
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