Indian Residential Schools

Topics: First Nations, Education, Canadian Indian residential school system Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Indian Residential Schools
How many of you guys have heard about Indian residential schools? Probably not a lot of you. This is a topic you probably haven’t discussed before, but it’s a topic I believe everyone should be educated about and informed on. For about 100 years, the government removed Aboriginal children from their homes and placed them in residential schools in an attempt to make them "Canadian." In very strict and often violent environments, children were denied regular contact with their families, were given poor educations and few life skills. They were unprepared for both life outside of the schools and life inside their Native communities. Communities and families, robbed of their natural structure and roles, began to fall apart. Those who were victims of sexual and physical abuse are in greatest need of healing. Recently, Aboriginal communities have begun to deal actively with the effects on all generations of the residential schools. They have started talking in healing circles, addictions and violence treatment programs that make the connection to the residential schools, and parenting and cultural programs that try to reclaim what was lost.

* 1957 Gradual Civilization Act was established by 5th parliament by the province of Canada to assimilate Indians 80 schools were established within Canada
Adapt them to the English language and Christianity
Children from the ages of 7-15 were forced to go to the residential schools and were taken from their families by priests, Indian agents and police officers 80 schools were established within Canada

Given poor educations and few life skills, taught that Canadian people were dirty, lazy and stupid. Grew up ignorant of the languages and customs of their own parents

* Young adults that have attended these schools suffer the trauma many had low self-esteem, and were confused and ashamed by their identities....
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