Indian Remote Sensing Programme: Harnessing the Natural Resource Potential

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Application of satellite remote sensing technology effectively harnessing the natural resource potential is the prime objective of present day's remote sensing programmes. The space-based sensors are utilized to provide a wide range of information available in the electromagnetic tapes, in a synoptic or more frequent manner for sustainable development and utilization of natural resources.

In India, though this technology has taken its birth from late sixties using Hassle blad camera as the source of information, is now entered to a age of complete revolution by entry of the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite's latest addition i.e. IRS-1 C. Capability to provide high resolution data and more frequent coverage from a unique combination of sensors, the IRS-1C is considered as the most advanced among all other contemporary satellites in the world.

Indian Remote Sensing Programme:

Remote Sensing Programme in India began with the successful launch of the experimental remote sensing satellites i.e. Bhaskara-1 and Bhaskara-2 of late seventies. The Bhaskara satellites and a two-band TV payload are there for land applications and a Satellite Microwave Radiometer (SAMIR) are there for oceanographic and atmospheric applications.

The Bhaskara Programmes provided valuable experiences in many aspects, such as sensor system development, ground-base data reception and processing data interpretation and utilisation and integration of remotely sensed data with conventional data systems for resource management. These experiences helped a lot for launching and commissioning of the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite series i. e. IRS - 1A in 1988 followed by IRS-1B in 1991 and IRS - P2 in 1994 which have now become the mainstay of the National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) - a unique organisation set up in the world. With high level operationalization and extension of remote sensing network to new areas which are not yet available to us but could be within our reach,...
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