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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO) Stores Directorate Manak Nagar, Lucknow INDIA-226011

BID DOCUMENT For Procurement of “Design, Development, Supply, and trial of Train Collision Avoidance System with multi-vendor interoperability features”

Tender No. SP-3/041/Signal/OT/2012 Due on 15.01.2013
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Bid Document consists of following Bid Invitation notice Bid document part-I, Section-I (It consists of instructions to tenderers) Bid document part-I, Section-II & III (It consists of IRS conditions of contract and format of annexures) Bid document part-I, Section-IV (It consists of General conditions of contract) Bid document part-II, Section-I (It consists of technical specification & drawings etc.) Bid document part-II, Section-II (It consists of Special conditions of contract (SCC) and sketches)

Cost of Bid Document:- Rs. 10,000.00

Tender No. SP-3/041/Signal/OT/2012

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1.0 Sealed tenders are invited, for and on behalf of The President of India on Two packet system, for “Design, Development, Supply and trial of Train Collision Avoidance System with multi-vendor interoperability features” from indigenous manufacturer who shall have carried out design and development of software embedded control systems with its field trials in the field of Train Protection or Train Collision Avoidance or indigenous manufacturer of software embedded Railway Signaling products such as Electronic Interlocking (EI), Single Section Digital Axle Counter (SSDAC), Multi Section Digital Axle Counter (MSDAC), Data loggers for logging signaling events, Solid State Block Proving Axle Counter (SSBPAC) and Universal Fail-Safe Block Interface (UFSBI) for supply of following:Ite m No . Tender Number Description Qty. Cost of Bid Document (in Rs) E 10,000.00 (Rs. Ten Thousand)

Earnest Money Deposit (in Rs) F
20,00,000.00 (Rs. Twenty Lakh)

Last date of submission/ opening of tender G

A B C “Design, Development, Supply 1. SP3/041/Signal/OT/2012 and trial of Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with multi-vendor interoperability features” as per technical specification no. RDSO/SPN/196/2012 version 3.1.1 and Special Conditions of Contract enclosed with bid documents.

As per schedule of requireme nt for 3 contract packages A,B and C

2.0 Delivery Period: The indicative delivery schedule of various requirements of supply, installation, field trials etc. is given in tender documents. 3.0 Consignee:- Supervisors nominated by South Central Railway, Secunderabad for Site Equipment and Director/Signal, Signal Directorate, RDSO, Manak Nagar-Lucknow-226011, Uttar Pradesh for RDSO Equipment. Field trials in an extensive manner are proposed to be held in Secunderabad division of South Central Railway in section Wadi (Excluding) – Vikarabad – Bidar – Lingampalli. All the stations, midblock section interlocked Level crossings and IBS locations falling within above sections are required to be interfaced with TCAS system as specified in the special conditions of contract . Field trials will require installation of onboard TCAS system on Diesel and Electric locomotives running in above sections and intending tenderer shall fully acquaint himself with existing conditions on locomotives, such as space availability, EMC issues, Power supply, any other required subsystem of locomotives having a bearing on the performance of the TCAS system as specified in the special conditions of contract. 4.0 Non-transferable Bid documents, containing detailed description, specifications, terms & conditions and scope of supply are available on payment of cost of tender as specified above under Para 1 column E, by a crossed Demand Draft (DD) Payable at Lucknow in favour of Executive Director/ Finance, RDSO, Lucknow,...
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