Indian Music

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INDIAN MUSICIndian music is the oldest unbroken musical tradition in the world. It is considered the most intricate musical system that contained highly development polyrhythms, delicate nuances, ornamentation and microtone. The center of Indian music lies in the imaginative melodies and improvised rhythmic patterns created by Indian composers.There are important aspects from the ‘heart; of the musical tradition of India. 1. Guru - Teaches students to be humble towards elders or those are in authority. 2. Vinaya - Teaches the students the Vedas throughout tradition. 3. Sadharana – Teaches practice and discipline.India Music and History divides into 3 aspects. * Ancient Period (1000-300 B.C.)The Vedas and the Upanishads were used to create musical expressions. It was in this period that the tonal system of seven notes was developed. * The next important period of musical development took place during the 5th and 7th centuries. It was during this period that rhythms were applied to verses in a uniform manner. * The history of India has contributed to the growth and development of their music.Music - gift from heaven, sound is God and everything is a manifestation of God.a. Brahma - creatorb. Vishnu - preserverc. Shiva – destroyer2 Distinct cultural styles1. Hindustani * Northern Indian style (foreign influence)2. Carnatic * South Indian style (remained untouched by foreign influence)

Art of Indian music is called Guided Improvisation meaning musician at all times must be directed by Raga and Tala. * Modern Period * Development of 72 Melakartas or parent scales which thousands of ragas & musical compositions for sacred scriptures and literature are derived.| ELEMENTS OF INDIAN MUSIC I. TalaRhythmic time cycle of Indian music. Composed of long and short beats that are accented and unaccented.Characterized by:SAM- 1st beat of tala where all variations returnKHALI- empty beat, accented beatANGAS- tala is divided...
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