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Indian Marriage

By | April 2011
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For a woman, her girlfriends are as important as any other family member or support system, today the internet provides all the girlfriends we need simply and quickly, its like a warm salve to the ever searching souls of women all over the world, there is always a friendly neighborhood blogger just around the corner, even if she is on the other side of the world. i was reading through some of the blogs , and it got me thinking about My mother and my impending marriage. We all leave homes, our parents behind, our known safe haven in pursue of a better life (career, family or both) when i look at my mother i realise the pain she feels when she thinks of her parents, her mother brought her up to be a strong, indipendant woman, who never let any obstacle deter her from attainging anything she wanted, she is so beautiful inside and out yet so unaware of her own beauty. I always look at her and think,i want to be just like her, exactly, no change at all. Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of knowing my grandmother for too long, she passed away when I was very young, much before her time, so all I was left was with my imagination.I pictured the woman who groomed my mother to be the way she is, she was a step better, stronger, worldly wise beyond her years, a woman who has seen the world,right?? My imagination justified. but when i asked my mother,what my paati(grandmother in tamil) was like, her reply not only stunned me, it made me believe even more stongly in the strength of a woman. My Paati was a girl from a village, who had studied till standard 5, after which she was tied down to household chores, at the age of 11 years, chores, which were back breaking even for the best, all of which she bore with a smile. she was extrodinary the way she took care of her four children all of whome she had had before the age of 18 , all boys and one girls I might add. An Epitome of womanhood, a lady who brought up my mother to be the Admirable lady she is today. Stenght to...

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