Indian Market Readiness for 3g Technology and Services

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Dissertation Proposal

November 2008

Prepared By: Azeem Usman Bharde

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Table of Contents
Research Question3
Description of Problem & Literal Review3
Implication of Research Purpose/Perceived Value4


"Indian Market readiness for 3G Technology & Services"

Research Question

The study will cover "Indian Market Readiness for 3G Technology & Services "; 3G offers wireless broadband services, which includes voice calls, high-speed data transmission, internet and video calls & contents to mobile subscribers.

Other questions include;

• Should Telecom Operators pay high price to get 3G License? • With such a large geographic nationwide network deployment, what will be time to market for 3G services? • Are Indian Subscribers ready and willing to use 3G SERVICES? • Can Indian Subscribers pay for the rich services like video call, video streaming or data etc?

Description of Problem & Literal Review

Indian government will be soon auctioning 3G licenses to Telecom Operators. Till date approximately 24% penetration has been seen in 2G (GSM) network services, so there is still huge potential since India has more then 1.1 billion populations. My research will focus on Readiness of Indian Market to accept 3G Technology & Services for the coming period of 3-5 years. Telecommunication regulator intend to award 3G license in year 2009...
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