Indian Judiciary System

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  • Published: May 13, 2013
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In a political system based on constitutional Government , the functions of rule making, rule enforcement and rule interpretation are separated into the three institutions of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. A judiciary that is independent of and acting as a check on arbitrary exercise of legislative and executive power is an essential feature of a constitutional itself means. In a federal system, the judiciary also serves as a tribunal for the final determination of disputes between the union and its constituent units. Given the tremendous importance of the role and functions of the Supreme Court & High Courts, various measures have been adopted to ensure the independence of the judiciary. The judiciary in India is paradoxical institution. On the one hand courts are extraordinarily powerful on the other, its working seems manipulated by the executive. Through a creative interpretation of the constitution, courts have not only exercised their power of judicial review but also have to managed to place the limits on the power of parliament to amend the constitution. There are 20 million case pending in Indian courts, of which 3.2 million are in the High Courts.

The entire judicature has been divided into three tiers. At the top there is a Supreme court (apex), below it is the High Court and the lowest rank is occupied by session’s court. The supreme Court is the highest court of law. The constitution says that the law declared by the supreme court shall be binding on all small courts within the territory of India(Art. 141). Below the Supreme Court, are the High Courts located in the states. Under each High Court there are District Sessions Courts. Subordinate Courts and Courts of Minor Jurisdiction called Small cause courts. Given the importance of the judiciary in a federal system resting on limited government , The Supreme Court was designed to make it the final authority in the interpretation...
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