Indian Healthcare Industry: Market Research and Data Analysis

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Medicine Pages: 58 (12491 words) Published: January 7, 2013


A Dissertation Submitted to
Institute for Technology and Management, Bangalore

For the Partial Fulfillment of the PGDM Program

Under the Guidance of: Submitted By-

Siddhartha singh samnta Manisha Chourasia Business development executive ITM/PGDM/2009/23 Religare technova
Faculty guide-


Institute for Technology and Management



I, Manisha Chourasia, ITM - BANGALORE, project trainee, hereby declare that the following project report titled:


is an authentic work done by me. It is not done by anyone before for any college or university. This project report is a part of accomplishment of PGDM program The information and data given in this report are true to the best of my knowledge.I also acknowledge that I took the help of both primary and secondary data collection through various available resources.

Manisha Chourasia
ITM - Bangalore
Project Trainee – Religare Technova

Exchange of ideas generates a new object to work in a better way. Whenever a person is helped and co-operated by other, his heart is bound to pay gratitude and obligation to them. I am honored to be attached with prestigious organization. I extend my sincere gratitude to the management of “Religare Technova” for availing me and giving me an opportunity to work with them and assisting me in my project whenever required. I show my sincere gratitude to the respected dean sir Wg.Cdr.A.H.Babu, former director Mr. K.S.Srinivasa Rao, for giving me a platform to do this project.

I thank Mr. Kapil Munjal, Vice President of Religare Technova, who spared his valuable time and gave me opportunity to work and undertake this project in Religare Technova and guided me throughout this project. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards my team leader and external guide Mr.Siddharth Singh Samnta(Religare technova-business development executive) for providing me the opportunity to work and learn with them and with indispensable help and guidance throughout this project and for inspiring me to strive to achieve the best in difficult situations.

The acknowledgement will not be fulfilled without giving the gratitude to the internal guide Prof. Raghvendran.V who has guided me throughout the project and help me in coming up to the expectation.



➢ Executive summary 8

➢ Chapter 1-Introduction 11

• Private healthcare facilities and providers 13

• Government policy 13

• Utilization of Private Health Care Facilities 14

• The Cost of Private Health Care Expenditure  14

• Financing 15 • Policy Concerns 15 ▪ Company profile 16-17 • About the company 17 • About logo...
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