Indian Givers

Topics: United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, New World Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: April 25, 2013
From: Indian Givers
It may look today that the modern world doesn’t revolve around the sun but around the Natives of the Americas inventions and societies. The Natives are everywhere in regards of the modern world; from drinking a cola drink to the Italian lasagna and sauces , from creating incredible wealth in the old world to creating the foundation a nation in the new world, from the noses of cocaine users to the hands and machines in the surgeon rooms. No matter what part of the world one is in, an American trace will be there. And even though these “Indians” are the true Enlighteners, the world looks at Indians as uncivilized savages that the Europeans liberated and enlighten with the old world customs when in reality is the other way around. Throughout the years, the world hasn’t really given the proper acknowledgment to the “Indians” of America. All the way from the conquistadores to modern time the natives have been exploited and forgotten. But what is really disappointing, is that for the longest time these people have offered a lot to our modern society. And all these years, history books have a lack and inaccurate history of indigenous people in the Americas. These people have been seen as uncivilized, savage people and without recognition for their highly advances they had made. And one of the main reason why history have it all wrong is simple, pride and self-esteem. Let’s imagine a teacher with the intentions to teach and make money out of ignorant children, walks into a classroom, but when he walks in the children are the ones who teaches the teacher how to read, write, and problem solve a math equation. What would be the teacher image to his institution? Even more in depth, how would he feel that in reality he is the real ignorant? Same happen with the Europeans. They walked into America and found a better agricultural system, better architectures, a better pharmacy, and a better many other things. So to put the names of their country high above...
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