Indian Folk and Tribal Dances

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Folk Dances of India

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Each region of the country has a unique culture, which is also prominently visible in its various art forms. Almost all the regions of the country have their specific folk music and dance, which proves to be a wonderful way of expression of their community and its traditions. Though these folk dances are not as complex as the classical dance forms, they are very beautiful, because of the essence of rawness in them. Be it the Bihu of Assam, Dol-Cholom of Manipur, Hikal of Himachal Pradesh or Chhau of Bihar, each of the Indian folk dance forms comes across as a reflection of the deep sited beliefs and traditions of a particular culture.

The folk dances of any community are performed on almost every special occasion and festival, to express elation and joy. These dances are also considered to be auspicious by many of the tribal communities in the country. Many folk dances are dedicated to the presiding deity of the specific community. The most interesting part of a folk dance is the attire required for its performance. Every folk dance has its own specific costume and jewelry, which differs from dance to dance. They are, in general, very bright and colorful, with traditional jewelries that give a folk touch to the performance. These dances are not only the exclusive art of a particular community, but also an asset of India's cultural heritage. In our related section, we have discussed the different folk dances of India. Read on to know more.

Here is a list of Folk Dances In India
States | Dances|
Andaman and Nicobar Island| In Andaman Nicobar Island performed during the Ossuary Feast or the Pig Festival.| Andhra Pradesh| Batukamma|
Arunachal Pradesh| Bardo Chham|
Assam| Bihu dance, Jhumur Nach of Tea Garden workers, Bagurumba of Bodo Community, Ali Ai Ligang of Mishing Communityand many others.| Jharkhand| Karma and Munda|
Chhattisgarh| Panthi and Raut Nacha|...
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