Indian Ethos

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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osIndian Ethos in global corporate environment:
* Role of B Schools

Indian Ethos in global corporate environment:
* Role of B Schools

What makes us who we are? What is it that makes us stand out separately yet together? Is it our upbringing, our value system, or custom and traditions? Is it all of the above?

Nobody in this world can say they have not been influenced by anything around them. It’s the law of nature. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Could we exist as separate entities, unfazed, unchanged? We as individuals grow into the space we now call as ‘I’ from a lot of processes that have taken place throughout our lives. Take for example; when we’re born into a family, it would be wrong to say we’re born into a household. Right from our childhood, we grow into a religion, which has been followed much before our birth. We are just ‘conditioned’ in our early years to follow a religion, perform rituals, and understand our role in society. But where did all this come from? Where did beliefs and values come from? Dropped from the air? No. It has taken place over a long period of time, and it has evolved to whatever form we now know it as.

How long ago was it that we first leant’business’?. It was probably when man realized if a particular good whch he had in abundance or even just had enough of it could be exchangd with someone else who could give him some other good, it would be a beneficial exchange. This is what we know of barter system.

Prof. Amartya Sen believes that India’s spirit of tolerance and brotherhood is an important part of Indian Ethos. This thought draws from Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist strands of Indin thought that to underline the richness of India’s diversity, its long tradition of sceptism and reasoning. The tolerance of variation in different walks of life goes with secular, forward looking, egalitarian and progressive, outlook of modern Indians.

In the present day global scenario, India must...
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