Indian Education System

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Do you have a creative as a four-year-old kid? Do you express your creativity often? There might be few of us who would answer, “Yes” to these questions. If you are one of them then keep it up. But most of us would say a big “No” looking at the deprivation of creativity in our day today lives. Lack of creative expression creates a life lacking in meaning and fulfillment. Some of us are so creatively dead that we feel this skill is essential only for artists, writers and musicians and not for everyone. Let’s look into the importance of creativity to see why we all need to instill creative ways of thinking. This world runs on the wheels of creativity. Right from the cave men discovering fire to cook food or using the branches of trees to build houses, human beings have survived on this planet due to their ability to create and imagine. Without creativity we would not have the light bulb, aeroplane, computer, cancer drugs, buildings, books and so on. The list of all incredible things human creativity has created is just countless. The need for creativity is not limited to a person pursuing art, music, dance or writing. It goes well beyond these fields. In the world of management a high level of creative intelligence is required to find solutions to the business problems, to come up with ways to market the products of a company or to start a new company. Several distinguished authors have written books stating the importance of creativity in the global marketplace. In the book “Five Minds for the Future” the author Howard Gardner talks about creative intelligence being one of the five kinds of cognitive abilities required for success in the 21st century. In another book “A whole new mind: Why right-brainers will rule the future?” the author Daniel Pink talks about how creative thinkers are going to rule the future replacing the logical thinkers who have ruled till now. There is no doubt that creativity is imperative to be successful and to lead a more fulfilling...
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