Indian Cinema and Communalism

Topics: Bollywood, Cinema of India, Aamir Khan Pages: 3 (1264 words) Published: March 13, 2013

From its very beginnings the film industry has been a tool to entertain people. This revolutionary medium has affected our lives, our society and our social system a lot. Whether it is on the social front, or economic, political or religious front, it has gained popularity, earned money and influenced people at large. One industry in particular has become a multi-billion dollar entity, the Bollywood film industry is one with an identity recognizable world-wide. Filmmakers have used the real life experiences as well as imaginary, mythological, fictional or historical imprints to express their ideas and translate them creatively into celluloid. This is the main narrative and objective of the Bollywood industry. It has been showing the real images of Indian life and life styles in the most creative and innovative way possible. Indian cinema has done all it can to entertain people but in this process many people have been hurt as well because one must remember being a multicultural and plural society, we have always negated communal ideology and aspects and such traits are never welcomed. Thus this is where we examine this with our main the focus is on the communal problems and the biases related to it in Hindi Cinema. India is still predominantly Hindu and if a film is meant to be most successful it has to cater to this demographic. There is a redundancy of neutrality between the two religions or a main focus on a pro-India standpoint. Keeping a similar theme amongst movies keeps loyal viewers loyal. Films are a direct vocalization of the thoughts and views of politicians as well as the beliefs of society. Films are also a tool of manipulation of mind-sets in society. A good example of the type of guiding the films provide can be found in Farhan Akhtar's film Lakshya. The film is based on the 1999 Kargil Conflict where Pakistani troops invade the Indian territory of Kashmir. It stars Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, and...
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