Indian & British Legal History

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Pre- Independence Law Commissions

The First Law Commission was established in 1834 by the British Government under the Chairmanship of Lord Macaulay.  It suggested various enactments to the British Government, most of which were passed and enacted and are still in force in India. Few of the most importance recommendations made by this First Law Commission were those on, Indian Penal Code (first submitted in 1837 but enacted in 1860 and still in force),Criminal Procedure Code (enacted in 1898, repealed and succeeded by theCriminal Procedure Code of 1973), etc. Thereafter three more Law Commissions were established which made a number of other recommendations the Indian Evidence Act (1872) and Indian Contract Act (1872), etc. being some of the significant ones. The contribution of these Law Commissions can be enumerated as under

The British government under the chairmanship of Lord Macaulay established the first law commission in 1834. It passed various enactments most of which are still in use like the ‘Indian Penal Code’ (submitted in 1837, enacted in 1860), ‘Criminal Procedure Code’ (enacted in 1898 and succeeded by ‘Criminal Procedure Code of 1973’), etc.  Thereafter, 3 more law commissions were established which made number of other recommendations like the ‘Indian Evidence Act’ and ‘Indian Contract Act’. Below is a brief of the work done by all the four law commissions.

First Law Commission

The First Law Commission was established in 1834 by the British Government under the Chairmanship of Lord Macaulay. The team comprised of the following members: 1. J.M. Macleod
2. G.W. Anderson
3. F. Millet
The team worked and recommended many enactments to the British government and most of them were passed. The most important acts include The Indian Penal Act (submitted on 2nd May, 1837), Criminal Procedure Code, Lex Loci (role and authority of English law in India).

Second Law Commission

Established in 1853 under the chairmanship of...
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