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Indian Banking Sector

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Date – March 14, 2009

Head, Corporate Training and Human Resources Department
HDFC Bank Limited

Amit Gupta
Amit Kumar Mittal
Manu Midha
Mohit Bhatia
Employees, HDFC Bank

Ms. XYZ,
Subject: Report to identify internal training requirements for HDFC bank

This report is an analysis of the position of HDFC bank in the Indian private banking sector. We have specifically looked at the retail banking space and compared our overall operations and performance with ICICI bank. We have identified certain weaknesses in our organization that can be improved by training and development programme. We end ourreport by recommending some steps needed for training and development.

Banks worldwide have been affected by the subprime crisis. Inspite of having no exposure to the subprime assets or failed banks, Indian financial sector has been hit by the global liquidity crunch. The Reserve bank of India has followed a loose monetary policy and lowered the policy rates. This has helped the banks in raising Net Interest Margins while the NPAs still not have increased enough to show the impact of the economic slowdown. HDFC and ICICI are the two largest private sector banks in India. We compare HDFC and ICICI across various performance parameters. HDFC although has a similar branch coverage has ICICI; the revenue per branch is much lower. HDFC is much less leveraged than ICICI and has a lower loan to deposit ratio than ICICI. Customer service is better at HDFC but still the number of customer complaints is quite high. The difference in the overall strategy is stark as ICICI does a lot of cross-selling of sister products while HDFC believes in a more focused knowledge. The use of information technology is done by HDFC to improve operational efficiency while ICICI uses it to gain competitive advantage. HDFC spends higher on brand building but lags behind ICICI in brand recall and brand rankings. Some of the recommendations...

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