Indian and International Accounting Standards

Indian and International Accounting Standards & Practices
Accounting Standards are used as one of the main compulsory regulatory mechanisms for preparation of general-purpose financial reports and subsequent audit of the same, in almost all countries of the world. Accounting standards are concerned with the system of measurement and disclosure rules for preparation and presentation of financials statements. They appear with a set of authoritative statements of how particular types of transactions, events and other costs should be recognized and reported in the financial statements. Accounting standards are devised to furnish useful information to different users of the financial statements, to such as shareholders, creditors, lenders, management, investors, suppliers, competitors, researchers, regulatory bodies and society at large and so on. In fact, such statements are designed and prescribed so as to improve & benchmark the quality of financial reporting. The rapid growth of international trade and internationalization of firms, the Developments of new communication technologies, the emergence of international competitive forces is perturbing the financial environment to a great extent. Under this global business scenario, the residents of the business community are in badly need of a common accounting language that should be spoken by all of them across the globe. A financial reporting system of global standard is a pre-requisite for attracting foreign as well as present and prospective investors at home alike that should be achieved through harmonization of accounting standards. Accounting Standards are the policy documents (authoritative statements of best accounting practice) issued by recognized expert accountancy bodies relating to various aspects of measurement, treatment and disclosure of accounting transactions and events. As relate to the codification of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). These are stated to be norms of accounting policies and practices by way of codes or guidelines to direct as to how the items, which go to make up the financial statements should be dealt with in accounts and presented in the annual accounts. The aim of setting standards is to bring about uniformity in financial reporting and to ensure consistency and comparability in the data published by enterprises.

Objectives of the study
The Paper is presented with the following objectives:
1. To understand the various Accounting standards that exit as of now, and the governing bodies of such accounting standards. 2. To understand the significance of harmonizing global accounting standards 3. To understand the issues in globalizing the accounting standards

Accounting standards prevalent all across the world:
* Accounting standards are being established both at national and international levels. But the variety of accounting standards and principles among the nations of the world has been a sustainable problem for globalizing the business environment.

* There are several standard setting bodies and organizations that are now actively involved in the process of harmonization of accounting practices. The most remarkable phenomenon in the sphere of promoting global harmonization process in accounting is the emergence of international accounting standards. * The International Accounting Committee (IASC), now International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) was formed on 29th June 1973, by the recognized professional accounting bodies in Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America, with its secretariat and head quarters in London. * National standard setting bodies like Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB) of USA, Accounting Standards Boards (ASB) of UK, and Indian Accounting Standards (IAS) in India generally frame accounting standards in the line of IASC after due consideration of the local laws and conditions. * In India the...
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