India: A Vast, Rich Heritage

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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India - this vast, rich heritage that we have been born into sometimes even threatens to crush a person's individual identity, but instead seamlessly integrates itself into their personality, and while a young Indian today is just as fashion forward, technology savvy and up to date as anyone in the west, we have the added benefit of never being able to lose sight of where we really come from. Being a privileged Indian, one always remains humble in the midst of millions who are not nearly as lucky. A certain spirit of basic humanity is something that every Indian, like us, is born with. In a country of a billion, when competition for schools and colleges is, well, insane, some complain and criticize the levels of pressure. However, at the same time, this pressure only pushes us to be the best that we have it in us to be. Indian students are breaking all records, and 90% now signifies an average student, whereas in England, the average grade of a student giving IGCSE is a C. This only serves to remind us that one must work and toil for everything in life. This spirit of hard work and perseverance is woven into the tapestry of social life in India.

At the same time, it is a country of contrasts.
The richest and the poorest, saints and sinners and in the country which is responsible for the karma sutra, subjects such as sex are strictly taboo. Thus as an Indian, especially a young Indian, we gave the opportunity of existing in a society that may seem rigid at first glance but on closer inspection, we can notice the way in which it is trying to grow and change . We now have the opportunity and liberty to make decisions instead of them being made for us and the good fortune of having adults and parents that we can look up to, because tradition forms the very fabric of the Indian society, the Indian family and the Indian themselves. India is the country where the old is always making way for the new. It is the country where one can perform an online aarti in case...
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