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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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India Social Entrepreneurship Project

Development Issues India
Source: World Bank
❖ Disability - India has some 40 to 80 million persons with disability. But low literacy, few jobs, and widespread social stigma are making disabled people among the most excluded in India. Children with disabilites are less likely to be in school, disabled adults are more likely to be unemployed, and families with a disabled member are often worse off than average. ❖ Malnutrition – India has the world's largest child development program. Yet, the prevalence of underweight children is nearly double that of Sub - Saharan Africa, and among the highest in the world. This is mainly because the program has placed priority on supplementing food rather than on nutrition and health education, and mostly targets children after the age of three when malnutrition has set in. ❖ Women’s and Children’s Health - Every year 2.4 million children and about 136,000 women die unnecessarily in India. This is about one fifth of the global total. India’s National Rural Health Mission, launched in April 2005, has a strong commitment to reduce maternal and infant mortality and provide universal access to public health services, the delivery of which is extremely complex and involves a host of public and private, local and international players.  ❖ HIV/AIDS - There is wide variation in HIV infection rates in the country. About fifty key districts in India have more than half of the country’s HIV cases. Despite the recent successes, however, India still faces several challenges in its fight against HIV and AIDS. ❖ Malaria, Kala Azar and Polio - Three diseases still killing thousands and affecting the lives of millions. Effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment services for Malaria and Kala Azar, Polio vaccinations are beneficial in reducing victims. ❖ Urban Challenges - India’s towns and cities have expanded rapidly. However, a quarter of all urban residents live in slums and...