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2012 Italian shooting in the Arabian Sea
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2012 Italian shooting in the Arabian sea|

The shootings occurred off the coast of Kerala state, India|
Enrica Lexie at Kochi|
Location| Indian Contiguous zone|
Date| 15 February 2012
16:30 IST (disputed) (UTC+05:30)|
Attack type| Shooting|
Deaths| Indian fishermen: Ajesh Binki and Gelastine (Valentine)| Perpetrators| Italian Marines: Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone (accused)|

The incident sparked a major diplomatic row between the governments of Italy and India, with Indian police immediately opening a murder inquiry, and the Indian Coast Guard later intercepting the ship and arresting two Italian marines suspected of being involved in the shooting. The two Italian marines were released after 105 days in judicial custody under strict bail conditions and assurances from the Italian government that they will remain available to answer charges before Indian courts. The Indian government allowed the marines to travel to Italy in February 2013 to vote in Italian general elections, after receiving assurances from the Italian government that the two marines will return to India. However, on 11 March 2013 the diplomatic row escalated into a stand-off when the Italian Foreign Ministry unilaterally announced that the marines will not return to India to stand trial. [1] On 21 March 2013, Italy backtracked from their decision and sent the marines back to India. Contents [hide]  * 1 Shooting * 2 Indian Coast Guard intervention * 3 Victims * 4 Diplomatic fallout * 5 Major disputes * 5.1 Time and location of the shooting * 5.2 Legal jurisdiction * 6 Arrest and incarceration of Italian marines * 7 Investigations * 7.1 Indian investigations * 7.2 Italian investigations * 8 Court proceedings * 9 March 2013 diplomatic crisis * 9.1 Background * 9.2 Stand-off * 9.3 Climb-down * 9.4 Aftermath * 9.4.1 India * 9.4.2 Italy * 9.4.3 Public Opinion * 10 Other issues * 10.1 Olympic Flair, the Greek tanker * 10.2 Intervention by Catholic Cardinal of Kerala * 10.3 Monetary payments to victims * 10.4 Italian Navy flags display on Formula One cars * 10.5 Impact on anti-piracy measures * 10.6 Link to Finmeccanica VIP helicopter bribery scandal * 11 See also * 12 References| [edit] Shooting

The MV Enrica Lexie was traveling from Singapore to Egypt with a crew of 34 including 19 Indians and accompanied by six Italian marines from the San Marco Regiment, while the fishing trawler named St. Antony had left Neendakara in Kerala with a crew of 11 to fish for tuna. According to the Indian Coast Guard, Indian government sources and the crew of the fishing boat Saint Antony, the incident occurred at approximately 16:30 IST (11:00 UTC) on 15 February 2012, when the fishing boat was returning from a fishing expedition and happened in international waters off the coast of Kerala. The captain and owner of the St. Antony, Freddie Louis, said that their boat was returning from their fishing expedition and was waiting for the tanker to pass when the security men on board the tanker fired at the boat “without provocation”. According to him, the firing lasted for two minutes, killing driver Gelastine immediately and injuring Ajesh Binki; soon after the trawler steered out of the firing range, Binki succumbed to injuries.[2][3][4] Umberto Vitelli, the captain of the Enrica Lexie, claimed that the Italian naval guards opened fire in self-defence against armed pirates.[5][6] In the court affidavit filed by the two marines urging the Kerala High Court to quash the FIR (First Information Report) against them, the document states: "The master of the vessel increased the speed of the ship to 14 knots (about 28 km/per hour) and reduced the speed to 13 knots once the piracy attack was averted. The master...
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