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What is the difference between a developed and developing country?
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A developing country is a nice way of saying a third world country; or a country that is still trying to create an advanced civilization. A developed country has an advanced civilization.

Signs of an advanced country are the Gross National Product, the amount of poor, the infra structure of the country and so on.

Most of Africa and South America is still developing, but there are major cities that are developed or appear to be. When you check the countryside sometimes it is like going back in time 100 years or more. China is an example of a developing nation that still has a lot of growing to do. There are towns in the west that haven't changed much in a thousand years, with only a little outside influence.

In most nations there are rural areas that can be still fairly primitive, but the developing nation has more of them than advanced cities and a developed nation has fewer of them then advanced cities.

So why are there poor nations, most of them have no products to produce and export, beyond handicrafts and food or lumber. Most of the states in the Middle East were undeveloped during WW2, but with the discovery, exploration and importation of oil they became developed. But places like Iran have only a few enclaves that are developed for the most part the nation is still primitive and developing.

According to Wikipedia:… "Developing country is a term generally used to describe a nation with a low level of material well being. There is no single internationally-recognized definition of developed country, and the levels of development may vary widely within so-called developing countries, with some developing countries having high average standards of living....

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, defined a developed country as follows. "A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment." But according to the United Nations Statistics Division,

There is no established convention for the designation of "developed" and "developing" countries or areas in the United Nations system.

And it notes that

The designations "developed" and "developing" are intended for statistical convenience and do not necessarily express a judgement about the stage reached by a particular country or area in the development process.

The UN also notes

In common practice, Japan in Asia, Canada and the United States in northern America, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania, and Europe are considered "developed" regions or areas. In international trade statistics, the Southern African Customs Union is also treated as a developed region and Israel as a developed country; countries emerging from the former Yugoslavia, except for Slovenia, are treated as developing countries; and countries of eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (code 172) in Europe are not included under either developed or developing regions."

What is the difference between developing nations and developed countries? Answer:
Developing nations are generally poorer and have more people making less then minimum wage. Developed countries are richer, have relief programs for the poor and less poverty.

the income level of standard living

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