India in Corruption

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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india against corruption:here we have to organize india against corruption.So ther are many orgsanisations for that but still there is a need to give a push to this anti corruption canmpaign.First of all each and every indian of us should make a commitment that he/she will never see or do any act which qualifies in the definition of corruption. essay on corruption corruption essay secondly for the sake of india against corruption we should report to concern authority of law , whenever any action of corruption is done by any body.Here we should have to be calm and not to take the law in our hands keep remembering that any act of voilence can destroy the atmosphere among the masses for india against corruption. Thirdly we have to give some time from our daily routine for the sake of india against corruption.We have to actively participate in the processions against corruption,we have to listen to the views of important dignities about india against corruption.We also need to get ourself updated through social media indluding telivision ,news papers,websites etc. . Fourthly if we are able financially then we should organise competition among childrens about india against corruption.Here we can organise events like speech on corruption,essay on corruption , drawings etc. through the event of Essay on corruption .there will develop analytical and descriptive ability among the students and children against corruption. essay on corruption Fifthly through various social networking website and blogs we can write article against corruption ,through we can also share events and news showing actions against corruption.We can also make olnine groups of people against corruption.In this way we can contributte a lot for the sake of india against corruption. corruption essay Lastly we can the the right to information act of indian constitution for inquiring any act where corruption is suspected.This right has proved itself very effective for curbing corruption.If we demand...
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