India in 2025

Topics: Manmohan Singh, Economics, President of India Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: April 12, 2011
India can be a superpower by 2025

India can become the superpower of the world in a matter of 15-20 years if we can elect a good leadership to lead us and rule us. It is the leadership of the country that moves the country forward or backward. Indian President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in his famous book written in 1998, envisions that India can become a developed country by 2020. The evils that we see in India today like corruption, public sector inefficiency, religious tensions, lack of development, poverty, illiteracy, poor infrastructure, and shortages are caused by corrupt leaderships that place their interests over the interests of the Nation. Corruption is the root causes of India's backwardness. The damage caused by corruption on the country's economy and progress is unimaginable. India has all the human and material resources that are required to become a superpower; it is only a question of management. The natural ingredients necessary to become a superpower are: 1. Adequate geographical size, 2. Adequate population, having a good level of natural intelligence, 3. Reasonable level of natural resources, 4. Will of the population to be superior. PART I: India threatens world order

PART II: India a superpower by 2050? Just impossible
PART III: Forget America, India can also overtake China
PART IV: India vs America: Let the battle begin!
PART V: An unstoppable danger looms over India
People must be ambitious; they must have high desires. India is pretty strong on the first three requirements and that is why India can become a superpower. Indians are among the most intelligent people of the world. India has an immense resource of experienced, high calibre professionals in all spheres of knowledge and technology. There is no goal that these professionals cannot achieve, if the right conditions are provided, because they are as good as anyone else in the developed countries. The achievements of India and Indians worldwide in areas of space...
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