India Has the Largest Pool of Talented Manpower but Very Few Innovations and Patented Products.

Topics: Education, Satyendra Nath Bose, School Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Ancient India was the hub of learning and innovation. India had scholars like Aryabhatta, Charak, Chanakya, and many others. But, with time, that zeal for innovation has faded away due to the constant lack of encouragement from the whole system. Ancient India gave zero to the world, invented chess, developed ayurveda but today not many discoveries take place in India.

This lack of innovation is the result of the systemic failure of our society. From school to college to workplace, we are taught and tamed into following the set rules. We are taught to be followers and any attempt to think freely is viewed as dissent. Our society has closed itself to any criticism or corrective evolution. This was quite evident when we saw the introduction of Genetically Modified seeds in India. Every technology has its pros and cons, and we need to encourage the spirit of research and innovation to increase the pros and limit the cons but an outright opposition to anything new will be a hindrance to progress.

India has also had great researchers and innovators in the field of science and technology. The likes of C.V. Raman, Satyendra Nath Bose, APJ Abdul Kalam et al. This, however, has given way to a society which is vehemently opposing nuclear energy plants. There is lack of a mechanism which educates people on the benefits of research and innovation. If, we want to be a superpower there needs to be an emphasis on research. The United States has been at the helm of the world because it has been at the helm of innovation. It attracts and promotes world's best brains.

Ancient India had great places of learning like Taxila and Nalanda but among the current Indian universities none ranks in the top 100. This must be a cause of great concern. Our school education is a system of rote, governed by exams and marks. Knowledge accumulation is the least concern of the student and sadly, the parents as well. Our education system is a mad race for marks, percentages and ranks. Even...
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