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Essay about The Night of the Full Moon by K.S. Duggal (1975)

The short story The Night of the Full Moon takes place at a little village in India. We are introduced to the main characters Malan and Minnie, Malan is the mother to Minnie. The story is about how the decisions you choose have an impact on your life and the present situation in India. Minnie and Malan look very much alike. “No one believed that Malan and Minnie were mother and daughter. They looked like sisters.” (p. 26, 16-17) Minnie and Malan are very beautiful and it says that Minnie looks like a pearl and was as charming as she was beautiful. They have both long black hair and beautiful brown eyes like a gazelle. Though Minnie and Malan look like one another they are very different underneath the surface. Minnie is a reflection of Malan and all the feelings and love that have fated over the years in her relationship with Minnie’s father are transferred to her daughter. “She had a full bosomed wantonness which often made Malan think that all her frustrated passions had been rekindled in her daughter’s body.” (p. 28, 28-31)

Minnie is due to wed in the upcoming week and her mother Malan is on the surface proud and happy, but beneath the surface Malan is apprehensive. Malan worries because she have to live alone with her husband who works hard and late and therefore always falls asleep after eating his meal. “He always came home tired: he ate his meal and fell fast asleep.” (p.28, 18-19) There is no love in the relationship between Malan and her husband. The husband is determined to have a son, so he also has occasional intercourse with Malan “These midnight efforts had produced a daughter every year. The girls came to the world uninvited and departed without leave.” (p. 28, l. 22-24) Malan is very anxious about Minnie leaving her because she is the only one to love and support her. But also fears the terrible situation with man who doesn’t love...
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