India Economy

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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The two opposing pressures results in 4 different basic strategies that companies can use to compete in the global marketplace: international, global, multi-domestic, and transnational. Explain fully each strategy and discuss in detail the advantages and risks of each in India. International Strategy

An international strategy refers to the sale of products in markets outside of the domestic company. Technology and globalization of business has created a new competitive landscape for the twenty-first century. In short, they interacted to create a continuous revolution. In particular, the development and use of new technology to facilitate increasing globalization. Two types of technology - the internet and wireless communications - have profound effects on the way business is conducted worldwide. In india there is a culture where industrial production and manufacturing mainly focused on export. Exports increased substantially due to higher domestic production and decreased in production in other countries, leading to an imbalance between supply and demand internationally. India exports 70% of its production to other markets. Global Strategy

Global is a comprehensive international strategy through which the company offers standard products through the territorial markets, and the competitive strategy is prescribed by the central office. India has a few companies that offers products and services for other countries. Multi- domestic Strategy

A multi-domestic strategy is one in which the strategic and operational decisions are decentralized to strategic business unit in each country, so as to allow said unit create products tailored to the local market. A multi-domestic strategy in India focuses on competition within each country. It assumes that markets differ and therefore are segmented by national borders. The multi-domestic strategies in India offers the opportunity to tailor products to meet the specific needs and preferences of local customers. Therefore,...
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