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Topics: Singing, Opera, Human voice Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: October 18, 2006
Describe your favorite person
Neo-soul artist India Arie is a very gifted and talented songstress, because of how she sings and the self-worth music that she sings about. She is one of the best soulful artists in the world today. Her voice will light up the stage, and light up your heart. She has inspired many people to have more self love, and confidence. In her music she talks about loving yourself no matter how you look, or how people portray you to be. One of the things that I have learned is her truthfulness. She always seems to sing about her own hardships, and the problems that she has overcame in the past.

India is such a big part of my life. She has helped me to overcome so many trials. In August of this year, I attended one of her concerts. When she came on the stage it was beautiful. She looked very culture motivated. Her hair was cut as though she was a young boy who had just entered the military. She wore a long white dress with a split were beautiful bright colors spring out from her dress with passion. She danced and wanted everyone to let loose, and be themselves. On her arm she carried a wooden guitar with bright pink, orange, and red flowers with big green leaves painted on it. The guitar also had tiny little red ladybugs going up through the flowers and leaves. She was gorgeous on the stage, and everyone thought she looked like an angel. The setting of the concert was that of a neo-soul lounge. At first she started out playing the piano magnificently.

Brown 2 On the stage there was a blue light which made her look even more heavenly. As the song changed the blue light changed to a red-orange color. It was beautiful, and her voice was magical. I never thought that I would see this afro centric queen in person.

Her music makes everyone want to take off all their makeup, and go find their ancestors. She is a...
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