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India and Terrorism

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  • November 2010
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New Delhi Government declared on Thursday that it will pursue a policy of "zero-tolerance" towards terrorism from whatever source it originates and seek to reshape relationship with Pakistan which should confront terror groups inimical to India. Outlining 10 broad areas of priority for the next five years, President Pratibha Patil said in her address to the joint session of Parliament that internal security and preservation of communal harmony and stepping up of economic growth and agriculture, manufacturing and services would be among those. In the address, which is mandatory after the general elections, she said the Government had in 2004 set before the country a vision of an inclusive society and an economy and worked for it. "My Government sees the overwhelming mandate it has received as a vindication of the policy architecture of inclusion that it put in place. It is a mandate for inclusive growth, equitable development and a secular and plural India. My Government is determined to work harder and better to realize these goals," she said. Other priority areas would be concerted action for disadvantage sections including women, SCs, STs and OBCs, governance reforms, creation and modernisation of infrastructure and capacity addition in key sectors, prudent fiscal management, energy security and environment protection, constructive and creative management with world and promotion of a culture of enterprise and innovations. Maintaining that the Government will keep utmost vigil in the area of internal security, the President said a policy of zero-tolerance towards terrorism from whatever source it emanates will be pursued. "Stern measures to handle insurgency and left wing extremism will be taken. Government has already prepared a detailed plan to address internal security challenges to be implemented in a time-bound manner," she said. Among other things, Patil said Multi-Agency Centre will be strengthened to ensure effective intelligence sharing,...

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