India and China: Emerging Powers of 21st Century

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Research Proposal Outline
Course - M. Sc International Business
Research Topic: India and China: Emerging powers of 21st century Objectives -
In order to analyse and evaluate Indian and Chinese economies, which makes them the most emerging and powerful nations, the following will be the fundamental objectives of the study. * To understand the economic strategies adopted by both the nations to accelerate economic growth * To evaluate various market trends and special characteristics of both the economies * Analyse performance of both the countries on the basis of FDI and International Trade * Identify the factors which influence, attract and affect other nations * To explore the opportunities ahead for both the nations Literature Review

Nandita Malik “China will be the world largest economy” [Online] available from <> [22 April 2010] Theotonio dos Santos.(13 December 2010) “Globalization, Emerging powers and the Future of Capitalism” [Online] available from <> Oliverstuenkel “Are emerging powers ready to assume responsibility? “ [Online] available from <> [15 October 2010] Data Collection

All information related to the economy of both the nations will be identified by critically reviewing: a) Business Journals and periodicals
* Learning from Economic experiments in China and India (Academy of management perspective, May 2009) * India and China: Conflict and Co operation (February 2010) * Emerging economies and global financial crises: Evidence from India and China (March 2011) * How will the growth in India and China affect the world Economy? b) Books and Reviews

* The Dragon and the Elephant: China, India and the new world Order, by David...
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