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Vineet Nayar
CEO, HCL Technologies

Vineet Nayar is chief executive officer and whole time board director of HCL Technologies, Ltd., (HCLT), one of India’s largest and fastest-growing global information technology services company with 55,000 employees spread across 26 countries and one that has become recognized around the world for its management practices.

Vineet joined HCL in 1985 after earning his MBA from XLRI, one of the leading business management schools in Asia. In 1993, he started up his own company, Comnet, where he pioneered many of the innovative management practices like "Employee First Customer Second" which is now taught as a case study at Harvard Business School.

In 2005, he became president, and later CEO, of HCL Technologies, where, over the next five years, he led a remarkable turnaround. From one of India’s smaller IT players, HCLT has become one of its stars, recognized around the world for its business performance and its management approach. In 2008, HCLT was named the Number One Best Employer in India by Hewitt Associates and Business Week listed it as one of the top five most influential companies in the world.

Described as forthright, focused, passionate, dynamic, & result-oriented, Vineet has infused HCL with his own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit over the years. With his focus on Blue Ocean strategy of conquering uncontested market spaces, he is poised to take HCL to new heights of success.

Fortune Magazine has articulated his leadership style as “The World’s Most Modern Management” and the London Business School calls him “the leader of organizational Innovation”.

Vineet has not restricted his value driven leadership to the corporate world. He established a non-profit organization called SAMPARK in 2004 which has a vision of "creating a million smiles". The primary focus of SAMPARK is to create smiles through improving the quality, infrastructure and opportunity for education. It is...
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