India's Missing Women

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India’s Missing Women

For many reasons, India’s past is very important in understanding the current increase in the proportion of males versus females in populations across Asia. First of all, increasing sex ratios in India have been recorded since the early 1980s, and have since been increasing with no sign of stopping. This has already and will continue to impact among the adult population of several Indian districts. Secondly, although India’s sex ratio is beneath those of China, its contribution to the overall “masculinization” of Asia is decidedly daunting in perspective of India’s demographic weight. The outlook of further declining of India’s sex balance requires close examination of current sex-ratio tendency in the country. Lastly, India’s female discrimination is extremely complicated in regards of India’s social and economic diversity: The exchange of cultural and economic aspects, additionally the impact of policy action, has composed a discordant situation; consecutively, this intricacy gives ways to better comprehend the system at work, and to voice the policy debate on the battle against gender discrimination.

Over the last twenty years, an ample mass of knowledge on sex discrimination in India has been collected. Additionally, specific data from many sources that explain many aspects of sex discrimination - such as sex ratio at birth, child sex ratio, and female excess morality and abortion practices – at different levels of analyses and for several different subpopulations. This paper will summarize the lay out of the geographical distribution of female feticide across Indian states, discuss the economic rationale for the phenomenon and if it is an economic or cultural phenomenon, provide comparisons with China, and consequences for the future.

Sex discrimination in India has long had apparent demographic fallout. At different periods in India’s history might characterize the social and demographic systems that have...
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