India’s Outstanding Growth in Economy Report

Topics: Management, Project management, Project Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Caucasus University
School of Business

Business Communication
BUSA 3110

Lecturer: Lela Abdushelishvili
Students: Tika Kekelidze
Date: 28/11/2012

* Background to the project
India’s outstanding growth in economy is a noticeable fact nowadays. Mostly, it tries to grow in infrastructure; it is an important priority for the country, because India assumes that infrastructure’s decrease will directly influence the country’s growth. Accordingly, to help infrastructure flourish and develop in India, they try to attract more private investments and project management from abroad. So recently, India is one of the best places for investing and developing business, because this sector is full of those necessary things which help you in success. Few months ago press released that the Blake-Martins consortium has won a bid for the $1 billion Raghavan Port in Gujarat, western India. The private consortium is led by Blake Ports Management, based in Australia and the civil-engineering firm Martins, from Denmark. The company expects that the new deepwater cargo-handling port will be built in three phases over a 48-month period as traffic grows. On top of that, much of the 600 acres for the development will be on land reclaimed from the sea. Besides, press informed us about the shares where Gujarati Ports Authority and Gujarati State Government seems to have equal- each 15 % share, with the consortium holding the remaining 70 per cent stake in the venture. * Reasons for this review

There are several reasons for this review, which I will list below. * Identification of problems and delays this project has encountered. * Find out the ways to solve the problems
* Help investors figure out is this country worth of investing or not and what difficulties they may encounter. * Investigate whether Gujarati Ports Authority and Gujarati State Government can avoid their obstacles and continue working on this project I think it is important to...
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