Independent Study Unit

Topics: Morality, Genetics, Medical genetics Pages: 18 (2422 words) Published: March 25, 2013

-A clear explanation of the issue
-various ethical positions in society. (minimum -> 2 opposing positions) -consequences of each position (results of adopting this position) -underlying beliefs of each position (why this position is right) -explain why some positions may be stronger than others

-quotes(or paraphrase) from the Catechism of the Catholic Church

-includes a mix of at least 4 examples (case studies or questions to stimulate discussion. -any multimedia that enhances the presentation)
Students must inform the teacher of needs at least one week before the presentation.


The essay requires the author to adopt a position on the issue (researched for the presentation) and defend it with a logical and well researched argument. The argument should involve principle and practicality.

The essay will be 4-5 pages long excluding title page, bibliography etc.

A bibliography and referencing must be included or the essay may receive a grade of ZERO.


1. Is capital punishment moral or immoral?
2. Is euthanasia moral or immoral?
3. Can child labour ever be ethical?
4. Is there such a thing as a just war? (Just War Theory) 5. What is the general population’s moral responsibility to the poor/homeless? 6. Can doctor assisted suicide ever be moral?
7. Is genetic engineering in human beings ever moral?
8. Are there any circumstances where abortions are justifiable? 9. Is animal testing moral justifiable? (medical/industrial) 10. Is genetic engineering of plants and animals justifiable? 11. Is stem cell research morally justifiable?

12. Is poverty in developing nations the moral responsibility of developed nations? 13. Is pornography (making/viewing) moral?
14. Is censorship ever morally correct?
15. Is prostitution ever moral? ( legalization of)
16. Is homosexuality a moral issue? (Why do some make it one?) 17. Should there be limits on reproductive technology? (IVF) 18. Who is morally culpable for the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports? Is this practice justifiable? 19. What is our moral responsibility to the environment?

20. Is surrogacy morally permissible?
21. Is in vitro fertilization morally permissible?
22. Is food consumption a moral issue? (ie. Vegan/vegetarianism) 23. Other topic (rarely approved)

Topic Selection:
-must provide 3 sources (for websites print a page that demonstrates relevance) (5 Marks) -complete a sheet listing sources and a preliminary thesis.

|Essay |Presentation | |Outline *15 |Conference | |First Submission * (10) |Note Submission* (30) | |Conference |Presentation * (50) | |Final Submission * (100) | |

* for marks

Topics and Seminar Dates HRE 4M1-01Period 3/4
|Topic |Student(s) |Date | |1.Capital Punishment | | | |2. Euthanasia | | | |3. Child Labour | | | |4. Just War | |...
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