Independent School and Young People

Topics: Independent school Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Jeel Mongerard
Mrs. Valerie
1o September 2012

Exercise 19-1

a. Listening to the CD her sister had sent, Mia was overcome with a mix of emotions: happiness, homesickness, and nostalgia. b. Cortes and his soldier were astonished when they looked down from the mountains and saw Tenochtitlan. The magnificent of the Aztecs. “correct” c. Although my spoken Spanish is not very good, I can read the language with ease. d. There are several reason for not eating meat: one reason being that dangerous chemicals are used throughout the various stages of meat production. e. To learn how to sculpt beauty from everyday life, this is my intention in studying art and archaeology. 1. waiting silently for its prey, the panther lay motionless behind the rock. 2. Aunt Mina loved to play all my game: cat’s, cradle, uno, mancala, and even four square. 3. With machetes, the explores cut their way through the tail grasses to the edge of the canyon. They began to lay out the tapes for survey. 4. An area catering to small business, the owners of the online grocery store rented a warehouse in the Market district. 5. If a woman from the desert showed anger toward her husband, she was whipped in front of the whole village, and shunned by the rest of the woman.

exercise 19-2.
Digital technology has revolutionized information delivery. Forever blurring the lines between information and entertainment, yesterday’s readers of books and newspapers are today’s readers of e-books and news blogs. Countless readers have moved on from print information entirely. Choosing instead to point, click, and scroll, their way through a text on their Amazon kindle or in an online forum. Once a nation of people spoon-fed television commercials and the six o’clock evening news, we are now seemingly addicted to Youtoube. Remember the family trip when Dad and Mom wrestled with a road map? On the way to St. Louis or...
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