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Topics: Love, Thought, Personal life Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: January 6, 2013
THE TOPIC: It’s better to marry someone for their money instead of love. Are you agree or disagree?

If anybody says it’s better to mary someone for their money rather than love, therefore you should think about this person two times to have something with him or her. In my opinion this idea is not just a realistic perspevtive , it also has some more deeply and complex reasons. In addition to this I disagree with this thesis , because it’s not good ethic and honest, doesn’t bring the happiness solely and to come across with money is much easier than to find a good person – the correct one for you.

The first reason as to explain why I am in the opposite side of this idea is that it’s not a fair behaviour and not integrated with honesty. So we should think on the person , if he or she can also have some other unhonest and inethical habit or even a wrong character.

The second reason as to why I disagree with the thesis is that choosing someone without love as your life partner life with expectations of sharing whole life in the same family is not direct way for happyness. For example luxury cars or spectacular houses will not satisfied you solely. You will always need to mixture them with love and with good feelings. As well the best key for good feelings is the woman or the man whom you feel yourself with him/her so much comfortable.

The final reason as to why I dispute this claim is that earning money and put you in a good life standart is easier than to find the real feelings , a good person for your life and real love. This are emotionally the most importants for humans to encourage them in every part of life. But it’s not always easy to come across with this. It’s also about destiny , we can not conrol hundred percent of it. But to earn good and work well is more controlled by us.

In a nutshell , people first should focus on pure and innocent love to marry someone. Then money can come and talks whatever they want.
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