Independence of Malaysia

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The Meaning of Independence
The independence achieved does not only mean a physical freedom from colonization but also a freedom in spirituality and mentality. The meaning of independence is of being free from the hold of foreign forces and to thrive in creating a dignified nation. The strength of politics to achieve independence must be backed up by deep knowledge in order to hasten the nation’s development. 

Looking back to the Malays’ fight of freedom from 1511 to the World War II era 1941-1945, the country went through 3 stages of struggles. The first stage, through military or guerrilla, persuasion through religious groups and later by nationalists through the pen.  All three stages of battle went on separately until a suggestion to have the first Malay Congress on 1-4 March 1946, which combined all three stages in a more systematic and orderly manner. Hence formed UMNO during the council which strengthened the fight for nation’s freedom. 

It is the responsibility of the new generation to remember and to appreciate the meaning of independence. Our duty today is to fill our minds with higher knowledge so that the independence achieved can be guarded and preserved. Without knowledge, the recent independence that we have will be weakened.

The people must ready themselves to face all challenges to fortify an independent race. Since the Malaysian people have faced great challenges, independence must be appreciated and be occupied with preserving political strength, economy, social, religious, language, culture and artistic heritage. All the gaps of development, economically and socially among races must be drawn closer and made firm for each to enjoy the meaning of independence. The unity built since the efforts to attain independence must be carried on and inculcated for a stronger public. 

This fortunate land has given birth to many capable leaders while the nation struggled in handling troubles of every kind such as poverty, low education level,...
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