Independence for Vietnam: French Colonialism

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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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French Colonialism greatly influenced the Viet Minh to seek Change. The Viet Minh wanted independence for Vietnam. Their attempts were made to achieve independence in 1945 with the battle of Cao Bang which then grew to the battle of DBP. These actions had significant consequences such as enormous loss of life, French Surrender and the independence for North Vietnam French Colonialism influenced the VM to seek independence for their nation. Colonialism is the ‘Outworking’ desire of a nation to rule themselves. The French had controlled Vietnam since 1859. Under their control the indigenous Vietnamese had little power. In fact, by 1887, France had wiped out Vietnam as part of the Indochina union. This experience encouraged the formation of Vietnam in 1941 under HCM. Due to their determination to gain an interdependent, the Vietnam republic remained. The Vietnamese experience of French Colonialism upset them. Their economic policies were to exploit the natural resources of the area and to open up markets for the French manufactured goods. They also believed that to survive economically they had to posses a colonial empire. The French supplied jobs in mines and rice fields while the rubber plantations flourished. One example was the Michelen Company which at 1997, 1200 of the 44000 coolies died at one Michelen rubber plantation. All of these factors contributed to the determination of the VM to establish an independent state. Unfortunately people remained poor and taxes increased, although their treatment of the Vietnamese and education policies caused subjects in Vietnam to flourish. The VM was formed in a cave in Pac Bo, near the border of China in May 1941. This was under the leadership of HCM. Its immediate objective was to overthrow the ‘Japanese Fascists’ and the ‘French Jackals’ and to establish a democratic republic under the emblem of a red flag and a single gold star. The VM was a Marxist organisation emphasising a communist state with its...
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