Indentured Servants Vis-a-Vis Slaves

Topics: Slavery, Thirteen Colonies, Indentured servant Pages: 4 (798 words) Published: November 3, 2011
Landless Europeans agreed to work under a form of contract labor for several years to pay off travel costs. During that time (indentured period) they received no compensation but food, room, and clothing were provided. The Masters could administer punishment and otherwise abuse to them, similar to the owners’ treatment of their slaves. The servants lack full political and civil rights. The indenture servant can sue when planters failed to fulfill their parts of the bargain. Servants who completed their years of labor became free and most indentured servants became landowners.

b)      SLAVES
The Slaves on the other hand was forced to work, threatened of physical punishment, and little freedom. Slaves were bought and sold like commodities; therefore they are personal property of the owner. The slaves have no civil rights at all. Slaves can not sue their owners, slaves punishments were severe from whipping, hanging or by being burned alive. Slaves as part of their owners’ personal property have no labor contracts; they can not make demands upon their owners for humane treatment, justice, and even land.


1. ʺIn thirty-three days I passed over to the Indies with the fleet which the most illustrious King and Queen. . .gave me; where I found very many islands peopled with inhabitants beyond number. And, of them all, I have taken possession for their Highnesses. . .To the first which I found, I gave the name San Salvador . . .ʺ The author of this statement was  

E) Christopher Columbus
2. The map, ʺVoyages of Discovery,ʺ depicts the circumnavigation of the world in 1519-1521 by  
D) Magellan and del Cano.
3) In ʺDebating the Past: How Many Indians Perished with European Settlement?ʺ your text concludes that
C) millions of Indians probably died, although no numerical estimates are reliable.  
4) According to your text, the...
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