Indentification of Mixed Unknown Bacterial Culture

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Indentification of Mixed Unknown Bacterial Culture

By | December 2010
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Microbiology Unknown

You will be given a numbered culture. The object of this exercise is to characterize and identify the bacterial species. A list of available organisms will be provided.

You will be required to write a prelimary flow-sheet (see below) and a list of proposed tests based on your gram stain results and initial catalase and/or oxidase test results. In addition, you will be required to write a full report with a table of reactions and a final flow-sheet.

Special note: Spelling, improper or incorrect terminology, incorrect format as described in “How to Write an Unknown Report in Microbiology” and failure to underline or italicize genus and species of organisms will count off on your score. Each mistake of this nature will result in a 1 point deduction from the 45 preliminary and 45 final points. In other words, miss one and your score will be 89, miss 10 and your score will be 80.

Your unknown will be graded based on 3 criteria:

1. 45% - preliminary flow-sheet: Your flow sheet indicates how you will proceed to ID your bug with the minimum number of tests based upon the Gram reaction, colonial and cellular morphology, and catalase and/or oxidase reactions. It will reflect your understanding of the process and will also serve as your media order form. Your preliminary flow-sheet will be due 1week from the date that you receive your unknown. At this time you must also have a TSA plate with a pure culture of your isolate for inspection. Be prepared to order the media and supplies needed. Bring 2 copies of your flow-sheet to lab on the due date: one to turn in and one for you to mark up and keep.

2. 45% - The final flow-sheet should be much like the preliminary flow-sheet but should reflect any corrections that you made during the process. I should be able to follow a path from the top of your sheet to the bottom where you have indicated the identity of your organism by highlighting it. It would not be a bad idea to indicate the...

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